Cry For Help

Cry For Help


It’s closing in
The walls; they’re coming down
On me
I’m freaking out
Inside; but they can’t hear
A thing
I’m trying hard
Not to sink, but floating
Isn’t my thing
I’m losing faith
Save me; I can’t save
My skin
Hear my cry
For help; set me free
From this
I’m losing grip
Fading into the blur-
That tirelessly wants me
It’s closing in
Hear my cry for help
Save me free.

3 thoughts on “Cry For Help

  1. Again, you nail those emotions. It was how I was feeling the other day and I was pleading for mercy from the Gods and Angels in my meditations. Then, a peace came to me and when I went to read my daily messages one was sent to me by a Chenrezig Buddhist practice; God of compassion, loving kindness and protection. See, I was just told by my friend, lover and spiritual partner he had no emotions for me and he felt guilty. Though, I responded in a different way. I told him I loved him instead of feeling the agony of hurt and pain, because it really had nothing to do with him. It was me being set free from my illusion of suffering. Oh, I don’t know still how to send the link of Fais, but he has a poem entitled “Don’t worry about me” It would be tagged under poetry. Beautiful!


    1. Thank you .. I love how you get it. This was how I was feeling yesterrday, a little all over the place but eventually, I got better. I’m glad you did too, I mean feel better 😉


      1. Good Morning!
        I think I am enjoying this blogging more and more each day. Also, I feel I am reaching out to those who are needing or asking acceptance to be honored no matter what is being stated and to see a deeper meaning within our context. I have much work ahead but I love instances like this, it’s lovely to create whatever we want. Have a blessed day!

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