Dignified response to a Disgraceful gossip

Dignified response to a Disgraceful gossip


I have a dislike to gossip. Does that mean I hate gossips? Of course not. We have all sadly fallen into the traps of gossiping. I get it, something’s are so good when you hear them that you just can’t swallow it alone, it has to be shared with someone else who then shares it with another someone and the cycle goes on and on. Sometimes, we don’t even stop to think if it’s true or not, we just can’t wait to get it off our chests. So yeah, I get it, but what we don’t realize is the effect it has on the person being gossiped. May be it’s true, its something they had done in the past. Some thing they wish they hadn’t, but they did. It doesn’t do to go about tarnishing their present just because of a silly thing they did in the past. And if it’s false, what does that make us? Going around spreading things that turn out to be untrue, liars?

About some days ago, my friend/Sister heard a thing that I wish she hadn’t. Being a half Nigerian, half Indian, a lot of Tribalist Nigerian girls look at her as downright trashy ( personally, I think they wish they were her). Being a mixture of two rich cultures, no doubt about it she is beautiful. She often has earphones in her ears (even when she’s not listening to music), so unintentionally, a lot of people automatically think she is listening to music or whatever even when she’s not

Well, she was sitting in school during a break with her earphones plugged in (but off), when 3 Nigerian girls passed her. And voila, the gossiping began, not knowing she could hear them.

One of them began,
“is this the xxx that everyone says is really beautiful, she doesn’t look fine to me at all”. “She has a nice shape they say,I don’t see it”. “Oh she’s the one that chases men around” “I don’t know what they see in her” …

                   A few other things were said that I can’t remember.

                  Lord knows how my friend felt when she heard those things said about her that were false. Just rumors that people cooked up to make themselves feel better. She pretended like it was nothing and shrugged the rumors off, but I know she felt bad. And she didn’t say anything to the girls, she could have, but she didn’t. She knew they didn’t know she was listening, so she shut them up in a discreet way and went about her way. While they were still talking, she saw a familiar face passing and called out to her, that made the gossiping girls scurry along. Of course, they couldn’t say what they had just finished discussing to her face.

If it was you, what would you have done. Would you have taken the highroad and Let it be, would you have given them a dignified response, or would that have been a base for some serious mouth-fight?