Staying Strong and Battling On

Staying Strong and Battling On


      Every day is a battle, everyday is a struggle, but that’s what life is really. Pushing beyond the bumps and the hounds towards that ‘Forever after’ that we hope exists. Every single individual has his battle- Some are greater than others, while some are less; some are outward, while some are within. We fight some together, others we do alone. But to go through it with a smile takes great strength and courage. The moment, you can look into the mirror and say,
“I’m not fine, but I will be; this is a battle and I will win”,
Then you are one step closer to that  ‘real happiness’.

Most people who’ve gone through depression know what it’s like- all the pancake and concealer to cover up the never ending dark circles due to too little sleep and the never ceasing tears that happen to pour out for reasons unknown. It is frustrating to not have an explanation for why you feel a certain way, or even for the tears. The mind is racing a million to one, you just cant get a grip.

I’m supposed to say that it’s going to be fine, but it’s not. It does get worse, a whole lot worse. You forget what it feels like to be happy, you let yourself go cause you just don’t care anymore. The walls are closing in and you’re your biggest enemy.

But here is the awesomeness of this world, you don’t have to go through it alone. I know, easier said, but really- there are 7 billion people in this world (approximately) and I tell You that someone, somewhere knows exactly what you are going through; someone is willing to listen, someone has got it worse than you (it’s true).

So, the next time the blues are beginning to kick in, just pick up the phone and send an SOS – “I’m NOT FINE”; that’s all you need. I bet the ones closest to you sense something is wrong and maybe they’re just waiting for you to ask for their help and they’ll literally come running. If you don’t want to call, write it on a note pad or a sticky note and place it somewhere they are sure to find it.

And that’s the second step, ‘accepting we need help’; the first of course is denial. Now, I’m at liberty to say it will get better because you have accepted that you’re not fine but you”ll be. I know how hard it is to admit, but only the strongest admit their weakness cause they know it won’t break them. In the meantime, stay strong and have a wonderful weekend
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No Love lost…

No Love lost…

                The past few days have been a bit intense on my writing process, (you can see that from my recent posts), time to lighten things up with a little cheesy poem, if you don’t mind…

I feel like a cheesy romantic
Writing love poems about a love-
That was never really mine;

But the memories make me smile
And that is better than enough
In the end, Some stories-
are better as memories
Ours sure was…
And the reality?
It’s overrated