Day 2: Ropes of the Past

Day 2: Ropes of the Past

There is no place like home. Tabu knew that saying better than anyone else. She felt the meaning deeply and it stung her every time. If only… If only she hadn’t listened to those busy body so called friends of hers then maybe, her home would still be… No, she snaps herself out of the delusion. She could blame them all she wanted but in reality it was all her fault. That still didn’t stop her from remembering her home, what it felt like being where she could call her own.

Stepping into the gigantic black colored gate which towered in front of the duplex house, now her house, she automatically felt safe. With the sharp pointed spikes and electric wires that ran around the house, she knew only a fool would try to break in. It made her feel special that she was worth so much guarding, oh how naive she was then,

On her right, as she walked into the compound, was a small garden filled with flowers of different colors and type. She hated the mosquitoes that came with having flowers in the house so she wasn’t really trilled. What she’d give now to see those flowers again.

The rest of the compound was used as a parking space for the three cars In the house. A wave of anger rushed her as she realized, someone else, another woman is probably riding her car with her man. For a moment there, she forgot it wasn’t hers I the first place. Nothing was hers In the first place.

The interior of the house was nothing short of classy. Cream walls with peach colored leather couches, a black Turkish center carpet. Glass S-shaped stools at the each end of the four cornered parlor, and a statement silver chandelier completed it.

A few feet from the parlor was the kitchen. She didn’t want to remember it. The broken cups and dishes, the tomato stained white tiles- no thanks to her tantrums. The blood stained floor, oh God no, but the image wouldn’t go away. She will never forgive herself for throwing her 2 year old baby girl on the concrete floor of the kitchen, even if he did, which he didn’t.

She’d give everything to go back to that house and start afresh, anew, now that she is on treatment. But she knew deep down that after all the troubles she had caused there, even the ghost and jinni of that house considered her unwelcomed.

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