Mother, I am depressed-

Mother, I am depressed-



I told my mother I was depressed,
And she said- baby, it’s just the blues,
Just like every song has an ending,
This one would waltz right through.
It’s been three years- I’m still “blue”

I told my father I was depressed,
And watched the tears stream down his cheeks,
With a heart heavy with guilt, I said-
Daddy, I will make it through.
I was depressed, yet the one to show strength.

I told my friends I was depressed,
They said- girl! You just need a man;
How could I handle another human soul,
When I could barely deal with mine.
I was depressed, not in need of a man.

I told my brother I was depressed,
He asked if I was bleeding then?
He’s heard girls can go a tad bit off,
When their time of the month appeared.
I said- I’m not bleeding… He didn’t hear.

Dear God…. I am depressed.

Day 2: About me. This poem is in response to December poetry challenge. 31 poems in 31 days.

65 thoughts on “Mother, I am depressed-

  1. I love this, i love your writing.. and i hate how painful it is. People don’t understand what depression is and how it works.. they just dont get it and you have to act tough for them. But youre strong, and youll make it one day.

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    1. If you are able enough to put on a strong face before whomever know you are strong! of the most unfathomable sort my Friend. Such acts take courage so please tell anyone you know who may be sufferingπŸ™ πŸ’• I had to learn this for self, and reading this dear love Ameena I felt so much light in this darkness you conjured in these short yet beautifully profound verses. πŸ‘‘πŸ™πŸ’•

      ✌Biwa &❀ Andestagōnwa


  2. Oh wow…heartfelt and touching. I could feel the desperation and frustration of the speaker. Superbly written, Ameena.

    Do you mind providing a link to this December poetry challenge? I’d like to give it a shot πŸ™‚

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  3. Beautifully written Ameena. It makes me sad but because for many people these different reactions to depression are true, all over the world. For many who suffer from it (as you know) sadness is only a part of it and it’s much than feeling blue or a temporary thing. It’s physical, mental, emotional, it’s not something a pill or doing something else, can necessarily fix. Thanks for drawing attention to this!

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  4. Ameena, I hope this is not where you are still. Have you been able to go see a professional?
    You’ve expressed your despair beautifully. I certainly understand how it feels to be misunderstood, while in that dark place.
    Thank you for the follow.


      1. I’ve looked for twelve years. They have ranged from a woman wanting me to read “The Help” (because I’m Southern) so I’d be ashamed of how “we” treated our maids, to a man who made me stand in front of him so he could “just look at me for a few minutes.” I had one tell me to “shoot” Loser.
        I finally gave up.


  5. It is so painful when no one understands you. Your last statement does it for me; God, I am depressed. I believe that is where my real answers come from


  6. No words can be enough to appreciate your poem.
    I am a new blogger.. U can check my site and feel free to follow me back.
    Thank u


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