She’s my person-

She’s my person-


Here’s to the girl who reminded me- the importance of being fractured and cracked, as the only way light could illuminate my heart; always at hand with her cheery smile.

Here’s to the girl with the huge nerdy glasses who’s face, always embedded in the pages of a book, spared her hours to hear my baseless rants.

Here’s to the girl who curled up beside my trembling body, her silence speaking and endearing more than any words could.

Here’s to the girl with books as her weapon and dreams as her shield, who opened her secluded world to a friend in need.

Here’s to the girl, who schooled me in the saying, broken is another word for “not quite there yet”.

Here’s to the girl, an outsider turned family, through tears and adversity.

Here’s to the girl, my proof- that a woman can uplift another woman too.

Here’s to that girl, my person.

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