Flash Fiction: The Odd one

Flash Fiction: The Odd one


There’s always that one in every crowd. The one who goes left while everyone’s going right. The one who walks in a zigzag pattern while the rest are going in a straight line. The one who wears sportswear on casual outfit day. The one who comes to school prepared for a test to find out they were seating for finals. The one…

“Josiah Matthew Udom! All I asked for was why the man wearing a red cap was working away from the rest.” An exasperated Lyndi butted into her brother’s mini speech.

“Well, I was getting there before you interrupted me”, her brother, the construction site owner objected.

“Never mind, I’m sorry I asked. But thanks for the tour.” Lyndi took off without waiting for his reply. Knowing her brother, he was probably gearing up another speech on why the man in question chose to wear a red colored cap, of all the bountiful colors in existence.

word count: 150 words This story is in response to flash fiction for aspiring writers  photo prompt challenge. Each week, a picture is provided for us to write a 75-175 word story. Thank you Ellespeth’s Friend for providing this week’s picture.