Flash Fiction: Best Advice

Flash Fiction: Best Advice


The sight of the solitary red bench evoked a misty sensation in her right eye which Mindy couldn’t attribute to the particles of the wind. She remembered the old man who inhabited that bench everyday when the shadows reflected twice our sizes, he gave her the best advice she’d ever received.

Their first encounter was when the old man came to his spot and found Mindy weeping in her school uniform. Upon questioning, she told him of the bullying she encountered daily at school for being fat. He threw his head back, laughed and said “oh Honey, next time, you tell them fat is something one can lose or better yet, sit on people with. Being judgmental and stupid is an ugly curse for life.” He added that she strides away, before the bullies can make a comeback.

Mindy looked to the heavens and said, “Rest in Peace old man” letting the mist descend down her cheeks.

Word count: 159. This story is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers Photo prompt challenge hosted by Priceless Joy. Thank you Ady for this week’s picture. This is an event where we are given a picture each week and required to write a 75-175 word  story.