He was drowning,
And she noticed,
Little scars across his wrist;
And she pulled him,
Every morning,
One more day, to hope to live;
He was drowning,
And she saved him,
Or at least she thought she did;
But with each pull,
He sunk deeper,
like a heavy load on sea.

He was drowning,
And she watched,
His light dim before her eyes.
And she realized,
The reason,
Her will alone wouldn’t suffice.
She couldn’t,
Save a person,
Determined his world was doomed.
She couldn’t rescue,
A drowning soul,
Till he lifts his body too.

He was drowning,
And instead she,
Held his hand amidst the waves;
He was drowning,
And she didn’t urge
Him, to kick against the waves.
He was drowning ,
And all she said-
It is going to be okay.
He was drowning,
And she held his hand,
Amidst the rising waves;
It is still okay.

A while ago, I wa nominated by Prakash Hegade and Nimmi to do a challenge. The task is to write a
Paragraph/phrase/one-liner/poem/story/haiku/photograph/anything-else which ends with the #ItsStillOkay and marks a perfect.

image courtesy:Β Incaseimgone.com

28 thoughts on “Drowning-

  1. Only he can lift himself. She can only be there. Drowning in depression is worse than drowning in the sea, as the duration of struggle is way longer. On the bright side, he’s still breathing, and that would mean he has chance of recovery. Great emotion packed poem. 😊 Happy New Year, Ameena! 🎊🎊🎊

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  2. True and Beautiful words, dear! You done a great job and the ending para is the best.
    Wish you lots of success and happiness my dear Sis!
    Happy New Year!! ❀ πŸ™‚

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  3. This is so beautiful and even though it’s quite sad it really envelops the only kind of way to deal with someone you care for who is going through depression. No matter how much you want to force them out of it or help them there is nothing that can be done unless they make the move themselves. Sometimes all they need it someone to hold their hand and be there for them. Beautifully said.

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  4. Pardon me in saying “this is so deep sh*t.” I felt that in my core, especially reading after the Mental Health post. Sometimes we have to say or do something because people are slowly slipping away.

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