Writer’s Quote: Emily Dickinson

Writer’s Quote: Emily Dickinson


It’s not often we get the pleasure of an Emily Dickinson’s poem without the metaphor or in depth meaning. Just plain ole simplicity with clear cut message. I was glad I came across the above words of hers on Pinterest this week.

We get so busy, writing, reading, working, making a living; we get carried away, trying to smoothen the rough tracks of our lives and all it takes sometimes, Is a smile on the face of one person to remind us to breathe, even if only for a second. All it takes, is a smile on the face of a stranger to get the wires in our brain to pause from it’s activity and let our face muscles relax to return the gesture. We know a kind word can do a lot, but forget that a smile can do a lot too.

Receiving a smile from a loved one makes us feel good, but from a stranger or someone we just met, it gives us something to think about all through the day. And I’m not talking about those creepy stalker smiles we receive, I mean genuine smiles. When we stay too long at the cashier but the next person on the counter just smiles rather get angry, when we act ridiculously clumsy in public and receive a smile from the stranger across- that’s the kind I’m talking about.

I know, it’s that time of the year when the deadlines are looming. We’ve made a resolution to complete our novel and we’re only a few chapters through the first draft, exams are around the corner for some and end of the year activities are driving us nuts, bottom line is- we’re red neck busy. I just want us to remember that it takes little to smile. And when we do receive one, let’s try our best to pass it on, we never know who might need it. I know, a smile wouldn’t help to finish a novel, but it will help you feel better while completing it.

This post is in response to Writer’s Quote Wednesday. It’s great to be back blogging again and thank you for your wishes. 🙂