Flash Fiction: Greenville, Thiefville

Flash Fiction: Greenville, Thiefville


Every town has one of those tower thingy which reflects it’s history. Redville, was so named due to the massive bloodshed which occurred post-colonialism. Yellowville derived its name from the character of its ancestors, they were said to be “bowls of sunshines”. Blueville was formerly an area of water, before the drought set in and the water dried.

And then of course, Greenville, my very own town. It’s said to have gotten its name due to the generous nature of our fore fathers. They helped out neighboring towns with food during the historical famine.

Until now, each town abided by its name- the redvillers are aggressive people, the yellowvillers are happy people, the bluevillers still arrogantly dwell on the fact that they were formerly a sea body but with the greenvillers, something’s changed.

A series of armed robbery is threatening the piety of our name. Oh boy, what tragedy it’d be to have our name changed to “theifville”. The redvillers would never let us hear the end of it. Those robbers better get caught.

word count: 175. This story is in response to flash fiction for aspiring writers photo prompt challenge, hosted by Priceless Joy. Each week we are given a picture and are to write a short story of about 150 words (+/- 25). Thank you Sonya for this week’s photo.

17 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Greenville, Thiefville

  1. What a great story! Naming towns after colors they are associated with! How sad that the generous community of Greenville has been overtaken by a band of thieves. I hope they get caught too and soon! I love this Ameena!

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  2. I liked this story. It is interesting how each color of tower describes the characteristics of the towns. It kind of reminds me of the way jobs are chosen in the Divergent series. You know where you wear blue if you are a scientist/thinker and black if you’re a soldier/policemen etc. It is interesting but I think there is always danger in that system because there are always people who colour outside the lines such as your thieves. You take on a humerus problem but I think there could be real issues in day to day life. Just a thought. Great writing.


  3. More more more! I was scrolling and sad when I reached the end. I scrolled back up for a second hoping there was more. πŸ˜‰ You should totally build on this. Happy New Year!!!

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  4. I am not sure that choosing a name for a town’s traits would not end up being a good thing for the rest of the world… Not so sure if it would become self-fulfilling prophecy for those that lived in the town?


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