Flash Fiction: Phantom

Flash Fiction: Phantom


Old lady Darcy, getting a high five from the ladies. The tales that woman spins from the webs of her mind are a wonder. It makes me want to be like her when I get older, always the life of a crowd.

Walking past is Feisty Fanny. It seems her and Danny boy have had another of their fights. Three kids and no ring. I wonder what you’d say If you heard that about me mama. I guess we’ll cross that ocean when we get there.

The lovebirds at the corner are probably deciding over wedding things. I hear, blonde-Lady Janet says they won’t last cause their’s was a whirlwind romance. She’s over forty and never married, I think that speaks for Itself.

And then there’s me, still the phantom of every crowd. You always said, when I got older I’d be the flower in everyone’s garden. All I had to do is wait. Well, I sure am waiting mama, only thing, you’re not here to see it.

word count: 168 This is my very late response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge. Thank you @thestoryteller’sabode for such a wonderful picture.