Him, her, coffee…

Him, her, coffee…


Here we go again;
The girl-
With the notebook;
The boy,
With his hopes up,
Today will be the day,
I can see the eagerness-
In the way,
He twitches his left foot,
Sifts his fingers
Through raven hair;
How doesn’t she notice.
I pass his coffee- the usual
He smiles;
I sigh;

The girl has arrived,
Note in hand, gaze down
I notice, I just notice
The flushed cheeks
Twirling hair-
She was into him, too;
I sigh again
At the hopelessness of lovers.
Do I bring these two
Tell him to tell her;
But then-
I’m only a waiter
I move on to the next order
Leaving the lovers-
To another day of
I wish I’d said something…

So, I came across this awesome poem by Rupali, “The girl in the bookstore” which inspired me to write this poem. But that’s not all, Rupali’s poem was actually inspired by one written by are Rehman Jafar “The coffee shop“. Thank you guys for inspiring me.

The above image is courtesy of The bw photo

Endings & Beginnings

Endings & Beginnings


I started with poetry,
And ended with prose;
Started with you-
Ended alone.

I started with a diary,
And ended with words-
Filling up pages,
Of fiction genre.

I started with bullet holes,
Now ending with cracks;
Mended by friends,
I didn’t think I’d have.

I started from somewhere,
And ending elsewhere;
What went on in between –
Is another story to tell.

But I started, I started,
Trudged through life’s mud;
Cause endings are much better,
Than where the story begins.

the above is courtesy of Marc and Angel