No judgements here-

No judgements here-


You see the scars,
Displayed upon my skin;
Each bearing a story,
(Humorous of course)
Of a rebellious kid:

The 10 stair jump,
The bull chasing scare,
The crawling on limestones,
For the reward of a lollipop.

You see the scars,
Displayed upon my skin,
The ones with most impact
Though- I hold within.
Safely guarded:
From all’s prying eyes,
From questions whose answers,
I’m not ready to divulge.

You see the scars,
I let you view;
Don’t judge the whole me, 
The real me,
From just your pieces.



Beneath the surface-

Beneath the surface-


Some scars are tapered to our skins as a reminder, of the battles we’ve conquered and a reminder of a future we do not want to recreate.

Some scars hide in the depth of our memories. Sitting, bidding their time and awaiting that one little thing called a trigger, which would birth them into existence again.

And then there are those scars, ambling between our frontal cortex and amygdala. Always there in our thoughts, present. Awakening a daily battle of conquest and defeat (of which victory is not a daily occurrence).

Some scars are revealed, many are hidden, but everyone inevitably houses one.

And if we look beneath the surface, we’ll find that most people are just as scarred as (if not more scarred than) we are….
—-Be Kind

Together (we’re stronger)-

Together (we’re stronger)-


Her sleeves came up,
Her wrist displayed,
She added some bracelets,
To hide the slits,

I took off mine,
With little shame,
The secrets she’s hiding,
I know the pain.

It’s been three years,
I smile with pride,
I’ll show you a new way,
To deal with life.

I hope it works,
She smiles back too,
I try to quit,
It won’t let me.

You were alone,
And now you’re not,
Together we are stronger,
And twice the force.

And when the waves,
Come crashing now,
I’ll be your anchor,
To pull you up.

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Worth Saving-

Worth Saving-


She said “you are worth saving”,
And I wanted to ask why,
For I went to bed at sundown,
Dreading seeing the daylight.

She told me, you are beautiful,
And I traced down all my scars,
Feeling every indentation-
Shrivelling at their sight.

She told me pick your self up,
There’s still strength in your stride;
But darkness had convinced me-
My bones could barely stand.

I wished that she would leave me,
To the company of my thoughts,
But my Lord had other plans, for
She stuck like gum on a wall.

Until I began to ponder,
What is it she sees in me;
Maybe beneath, I was more than,
Brokenness and fragility.

I sifted through the darkness,
For a single ray of light,
Something to show I was deserving,
Of such friendship, such heart.

Then everyday at sundown,
Under the company of the stars,
I searched for worth within me,
Even a trace, would suffice.

She said, I was worth saving,
Now I finally understand;
You can’t compel a person,
You can only show them how-
To believe they are worth saving.

It’s been a while-

It’s been a while-


It’s been a while,
I wrote about you,
Not for lack of-
Right wordings,
Or motivation.

It’s been a while,
I dreamt about you,
Nights are long
And calm and peaceful,
Things i’ve missed, haunted-
By your dreams.

It’s been a while
I thought about you,
Time, they say
Heal wounds and memories
Fade away,
Though it’s been a struggle.

It’s been a while,
This much I can tell you,
The cuts you made
Are merely scars now,
And I wear them- around me
Like an armour.

It’s been only a while…
But I’m making it through.

P.S this is not a love/ breakup poem. Go figure 😉😉

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He was drowning,
And she noticed,
Little scars across his wrist;
And she pulled him,
Every morning,
One more day, to hope to live;
He was drowning,
And she saved him,
Or at least she thought she did;
But with each pull,
He sunk deeper,
like a heavy load on sea.

He was drowning,
And she watched,
His light dim before her eyes.
And she realized,
The reason,
Her will alone wouldn’t suffice.
She couldn’t,
Save a person,
Determined his world was doomed.
She couldn’t rescue,
A drowning soul,
Till he lifts his body too.

He was drowning,
And instead she,
Held his hand amidst the waves;
He was drowning,
And she didn’t urge
Him, to kick against the waves.
He was drowning ,
And all she said-
It is going to be okay.
He was drowning,
And she held his hand,
Amidst the rising waves;
It is still okay.

A while ago, I wa nominated by Prakash Hegade and Nimmi to do a challenge. The task is to write a
Paragraph/phrase/one-liner/poem/story/haiku/photograph/anything-else which ends with the #ItsStillOkay and marks a perfect.

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Beautifully Scarred-

Beautifully Scarred-


We’ve all got our battles,
Our now fading scars;
We’ve all got reminders,
Of a trip through hell and back.

It’s a trophy map plastered,
On the heart for none to see;
Showing scars of various sizes,
All the demons- their defeat.

And she strode, and she fought
And she fell, still got up;
And the battles, wore her out;
But give up, she did not.

We’ve all got our battles,
Our now fading scars;
Which remind us of journeys-
And the strength within, we got.