You broke me not-

You broke me not-


You broke me not,
I broke my heart;
In loving you,
I fell apart;
I chose to love,
It wasn’t force;
A sane decision,
Of insane love.

You loved me not,
I loved you so;
A choice I made,
You owe me not,
I owe my soul;
For taking the road-
Mostly followed.

You’ll save me not,
I’ll make my own
Decisions as-
I’ve always done.
I chose to go,
You begged me not;
A sane decision-
Of a broken heart.

You broke me not,
I broke my heart;
Your words, you lied
But I, obliged.
I’ll take my blame,
And pave new path;
Mend back the pieces-
And bloom a new flower.