“They were wrong”, didi thought.
“Hey, heyy”, she spun around to a circle of kids giggling, and jumping all about.
“Alright, just one picture and that’s it” she declared jokingly.

It was hemani, Anshal and Preeti’s birthdays. They wanted an artistic themed party, she couldn’t say no. Didi took the picture and let the kids be, watching them from a safe distance. Her heart swelled up in Joy knowing and realizing she had made the right decision. These were the kids who were “unwanted”. Rejected by their parents, left to the mercy of Mother Earth.

When she started the foundation, people thought she couldn’t do it. Some said it to her face. If even the parents don’t want the kids, why should she bother. But she did bother about them. Seeing the smiles on their faces, the purity in their laughter, Didi knew she had made the right decision. There was no greater blessing than watching a toddler grow up and rise in front your eyes.

She fought to blink back tears. Ah, her kids. Her kids who might never know their real birthdays or who their real parents are for that matter. She sighed as she thought about her own doting parent.

“We’ll make it”, Didi reassured herself as she walked to get some more coloring. “We’ll make it”.

This story is in response to a photo prompt challenge hosted by The rattling bones. And ooh, what a beautiful picture given by him (I mean the photo above) ;).