Mask over tears

Mask over tears


The moist in her eyes,
Told a different story,
The grin on her lips-
A perfect disguise.
The sass in her walk,
As she strode the hallways;
A perfect cover-
She hid all her life.

Now where was the girl,
Who wept till morning;
Afraid of the silence,
That comes on with dusk.
When dawn goes to day,
So does her real self-
A blinding spotlight
The pretense begins.

A mask over tears-
appealing to the universe;
At the cost of herself-
And on the story goes.
Yet a loophole it has,
If you were to look deeper;
A broken girl you’ll find-
A bird awaiting to fly.
If only we did look deeper-
Past the facade, past the smile.

The above image courtesy of The dynamic turnaround