You broke me not-

You broke me not-


You broke me not,
I broke my heart;
In loving you,
I fell apart;
I chose to love,
It wasn’t force;
A sane decision,
Of insane love.

You loved me not,
I loved you so;
A choice I made,
You owe me not,
I owe my soul;
For taking the road-
Mostly followed.

You’ll save me not,
I’ll make my own
Decisions as-
I’ve always done.
I chose to go,
You begged me not;
A sane decision-
Of a broken heart.

You broke me not,
I broke my heart;
Your words, you lied
But I, obliged.
I’ll take my blame,
And pave new path;
Mend back the pieces-
And bloom a new flower.

18 thoughts on “You broke me not-

  1. A very mature approach to personal issues because it is all too easy to simply blame somebody else when, in fact, we did make conscious decisions. There has been a lot of research into personal happiness and the current conclusion is that those people who take responsibility for their lives are by far the happiest. Those who are always blaming somebody/something else are the least happy because (from their perspective) the whole world seems to be against them! A pleasure to read. Thx Ameena. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. I am the moment, getting out of a hole i dug for Myself, and accepting that “it was my fault and no one else’s” does make it so much easier to handle. πŸ™‚

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      1. Rest assured that we have all dug holes and then fallen in. In my case ………… many (perhaps I’m a slow learner?). However, every hole you climb out of is an extension to your education. Somebody once said “The man who never makes mistakes, never makes anything.”

        Don’t worry about digging too many holes for yourself because you will be a better person as a result! (That’s my theory anyway!) πŸ™‚

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