Flash Fiction: Do you remember?

Flash Fiction: Do you remember?


‘Do you remember? How I cried incessantly to be allowed to take a Jump into the flowing water thinking it was only a “really large swimming pool”‘, questioned Lucille.

And… And how the travel guide scared the daylights out of us with the story of the ghost-bride who roams at night with a ring in her hand, looking for her drowned groom to make her a wife. Ohhh, how scared I was, praying she wouldn’t appear while we were on the bridge. And you, you calmed me and scolded the travel’s guide for terrifying me.

Oh.. Oh, and granny, do you remember the way I danced afterwards to the sound of the waterfall splashing and you clapped and cheered and…

“Granny?” Said Lucille self consciously, realizing the only sound coming from the room was her voice. She looked at her grandmother to find her eyes shut, her face like that of a peaceful sleeping wrinkled baby. Lucille prayed to God at the moment, that her granny was only sleeping and not…

Word count: 171 This post is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge, where each week we get a photo prompt and wrote a 150-175 words story on the given picture. Thank you very much Etol Bagam for this week’s beautiful picture.