Chasing Love…

Chasing Love…


I think, the more you chase love, the more it gains energy and eludes you. The more you want it, the more it runs off. Love becomes this person who seems to enjoy the thrill of the chase more so than being caught; its mastered the art of evasion and just when you think, maybe, this is it- love has a way of getting one over you, it does so skillfully, taking with it pieces of you and leaving several irregular gaping holes.

And despite, despite the tumultuous ride and the many bumps on the road, we still chase love. We still get on the ride, despite knowing we may be left with even less pieces of ourselves than when we started. What does that say about love? What does that say about us? That we need it, maybe not as much as the oxygen we breathe, but still, as a necessity if we want to “live” not simply “exist”. And sometimes, this love that we’re chasing, isn’t hiding out with someone else; sometimes, this love is within ourselves and we’re simply driving through the wrong paths. I mean, how else can we fill the hole in someone else’s heart when ours is half filled yearning for us to fill it. And maybe, these are the lessons that love teaches us through its eventful journey.

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13 thoughts on “Chasing Love…

  1. You raise such good points in this piece. Beautifully written as well. Your question about having an empty or broken heart, trying to fill someone else’s, and make it whole, is particularly valid. I don’t know when love works or why it does. For now, all I’ve found is I have not lived as deep as I ever thought I did in relationships. I don’t know how deep love will actually be; I just know it’s all or none. Thanks for sharing. Glad to see your writing again. I missed it. πŸ’•


  2. Beautifully-penned, Ameena. I have spent most years of my life writing and wondering about the intricacies of love. It still is a blur for me as a whole but a wonderful feeling (I imagined) nonetheless. Are you familiar of Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye? This post reminds me so much of their spoken poem, “When Love Arrives”. ❀

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    1. I didn’t know them until I saw this comment, My!!!!! What a beautiful piece of poetry. I loved it so much, saved the poem. I actually searched for a video of theirs performing it and it was awesome Maria. So thank you very much for introducing me to them


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