Writer’s Quote: Believe

Writer’s Quote: Believe


At the end of the day, all we are left with is our thoughts. Friends leave for their various houses, family goes to sleep, the noise drowns out except for the faraway sounds of crashing waves; birds return to their nests.

My prayer for you, is in that moment when the silence gets too loud and there’s solitude about, you can embrace it for what it is. Breathe in, breathe out; feel your diaphragm expand and contract, hear the slight wheezing form your nostrils, listen for that far out sound of the waves and let it take you to beautiful places, places your mind deserves to go.

And I know it’s not an easy task, trust me I know, but I want you to believe. Believe that you can beat this, you can bear to dwell in the silence without that voice in your head nudging you that silence is something to be feared because it’s not. As long as the steering wheels are in your hands, it’s not.
So believe that you can and I bet you… You will.

The above post is in response to Writers quote Wednesday writing challenge hosted by SilverThreading and RonovanWrites. This week theme is “Believe“.