Flash Fiction: Born from Love

Flash Fiction: Born from Love


Seeing him stand there, in the middle of the garden we grew together, my eyes get misty. Our plants were the children we never had, born from our mutual love of nature. I still remember the day we decided to turn the mini kids playground to a full-blown garden. We planted the seeds and watered them with love and dedication and attention and seeing the plants grow in size and the flowers bloom, filled our hearts with joy.

That was fifteen years ago. It’s not always been a perfect journey. There were times when we fought so hard that gardening and nurturing the plants were a source of solace to either of us. There were also times when the snow got so bad I feared for my babies, the plants I born with my two hands. But we got through it.

And that’s how I know we’ll get through this too. A diagnosis is not a death warrant even though it might feel like it.

word count: 165 words. The above story is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge hosted by priceless Joy. Thank you very much Louise from A story teller’s abode for providing us with this week’s photo.