Writer’s Quote: Memories

Writer’s Quote: Memories



And there we were,
Under the night’s blanket;
Wrapped around your arms,
In a loving embrace;
Swearing, I’d never fall in love again,
It’s just a big mistake;
And you say, hush baby,
Listen to winds-
You’d be alright again.

Mama, I miss you
All over again;
And you were right
I’d fall in love again
And I miss
You saying, well I told you so…
And how we’d laugh,
Like friends not mother and kid.
I miss you,
Every now and again.

And here I am now,
With life’s pieces fitting into place;
And your memories,
Your laughter,
Keeps me going anyway;
And though tears sneak out
when I’m reminiscing you,
I know, like you said to me
once before-
I’d be alright again.

The prompt for this week’s Writers quote Wednesday writing challenge is memories. This is an event where you share a quote and write a piece, anything, inspired by the quote.


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