B- Believe in Me

B- Believe in Me


All those times,
Spent searching,
Wishing, hoping;
To find that one-
Who’d proclaim,
With integrity, sincerity;
To all that’d listen-
The words she needed,
The courage she sought for,
A sentence to wrap up
Make her, headstrong;
Someone to say-
I believe in you.

All she found-
empty, broken promises
Words said, unkept;
Reality- a farce;
Prince Charming- a lie
And it was then, the picture-
The story, the scenes,
It all clicked;
Her prince, she found him
Been there all this while;
She was her charming,
And she exclaimed
with all integrity;
Loud and proudly-
I believe in Me;
And she meant it.


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