The hardest part-

The hardest part-


They say the hardest part is moving on,
Walking away, letting go.
They were wrong.
Reality is so much more;
Nothing hurts more than
Feeling in every bone in your body,
The urge to look back-
Just one glance,
But resisting anyway.
Knowing somewhere deep down-
It isn’t worth it.

This week has been, well, it’s been been one heck of a week and so I haven’t been posting much, caught up with work and the (unreplied) comments and (unchecked) follows have piled up, my apologies. The weekend is coming and I will try to make up for it, will make time to write and reply on time.

Till next time and “bravo” to  all those who found a way of pushing down thae urge to look back knowing it’s not worth it; it is not easy.