Flash Fiction: Blackouts 5

Flash Fiction: Blackouts 5


Staring at her reflection in the mirror, after a much needed shower, Allison decided to take a whole new perspective to things.

There was no doubt, someone was trying to break her. The ulterior motive behind it, she had no idea. What she did know was- she wasn’t going to give them that satisfaction, if she’s going down, she was going down fighting. “Though I don’t plan on going down”, Allison thought aloud.

Number one on her list of suspect was the coward David, her ex-husband, though Richard Blake wasn’t far behind. She knew far too much than to trust her father, “with Richard, you just never know”, she recalled an old conversation with her mother.

A door creak brought Allison back to reality. Startled, she grabbed the nearest vase and tiptoed towards the door. At that moment, a clownish face poked through which made her jump and the vase in her hand fell to the ground.
        “Hey, it’s only me”
Darnit Richard! I was aiming for your head”, Allison retorted.

Word count: 173. I stayed within range this time and this is my submission to this week’s Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge. Imagine my surprise when I saw a clown as this week’s prompt and had to find a way to fit it into blackouts :D.

Heres: blackout 1, blackout 2, blackout 3, Blackout 4.

32 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Blackouts 5

  1. Excellent! Richard is lucky he didn’t get smashed in the face! I was trying to read why you were surprised to see a clown as the prompt this week. Did it help you work it into your story better or just the opposite?

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    1. It was quite a challenge at first honestly, i was thinking of the “right way” to put a clown into it :D. Ha! THANK you pj, it means a lot, i didnt quite know how it was going to turn our.

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  2. I knew it, I knew it! I just couldn’t trust Richard 100% and apparently Allison doesn’t either. Than again, can she really trust her Mom and what she says?? Maybe she just was trying to turn her against Richard. The mystery continues! Great job!

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  3. I liked the way you brought the clown into the story right at the end, Ameena. I also like how you follow Allison’s thought processes throughout the story. You’ve obviously had a great time writing all your Blackout stories, so well done with those.:)

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  4. Ameena, you can take any prompt and give it light [see what you did with the clown face]. I still will not throw Richard under the bus yet but I am keeping my eyes on Allison, she has a lot going upstairs.

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