Flash Fiction: Blackouts 8

Flash Fiction: Blackouts 8

                                    *After the interrogation*
Staring at a picture of the stolen Madame Trousoule painting, the detectives couldn’t help but gaze at it’s beauty.
“It’s a view of paradise on earth,” one of the two detectives exclaimed, “Miss Blake has a good taste when it comes to artifacts, I’ld give her that.” He appeared to be in his fifties with wrinkles and poorly managed gray hair.

His partner was a Hispanic young man of average height and slender built who looked not more than late-twenties. He in turn spoke, “Miss Blake did look bewildered towards the accusation, in fact, it was like she had no idea what the heck we were talking about.”

“Ah, don’t let her fool you boy, I say she’s just a great actress,” the older detective said. “When you hear the name Blake, trust me, it’s trouble.” Seeing the confused look on his young partner’s face, he added, “let’s just say, Richard Blake and I go way back and there’s no love lost between us.”

With that the older detective left the interrogation room, leaving the young Hispanic to ponder if Allison Blake really is more than meets the eyes.

Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers challenge. Word count: 188 sorry PJ, I had to go over on this one. This part is a direct continuation of part7. I felt the need to round up on this photo prompt seeing  as there’s going to be another next week. So, here it is, my second submission this week.

M- Mama’s Poem

M- Mama’s Poem


Gave me love, gave me light
Showed me to live, taught me how;
Made me cry, made me smile
Taught me to walk with my head-
Held high.

Told me earth, was my stage;
Impossibilities lurked not in my fate;
Chase your dreams with all your heart,
Stand tall and I’ll always be-
By your side.

If you fall, rise once more,
Live life humbly and without pride;
Don’t look back, my dear, it’s behind;
Those were the words of a-
Loving heart.

Love you showed me can’t be replaced;
Lived on your words every single day;
Thank you Mama for everything;
You truly are an angel, taught me-
To fly…