H- Hang in there

H- Hang in there


Seconds, minutes, hours, gone;
There you lay- pale and numb;
I stare at the still-life that you’ve become.

Recalling our times, your smiles, our wars;
Said you were done, I believed your words;
Should have pushed on a little bit more.

“It’s an overdose”, the doctor said.
“The heart is intact, but the brain’s dead”
“There’s no more we can do- it’s the end”.

To hear you scream, just once more;
To save your life, I’ll give the world;
To take your place, I’d give even more.

Stay with me, let me in;
Defy all odds, break the shield;
Your hearts alive, that’s all I need.

They say it’s denial, I call it hope;
It’s not your time, I feel it in my bones;
Hang in there friend, I won’t let you go.