Humor Friday!

Humor Friday!

Today, I was contemplating about writing a post on anxiety or my relationship with OCD and then I heard the news of ‘another’ bomb blast in my home country Nigeria. I realized what I would love to read at a time like this is not another somber inspirational story or a heart gripping tear- tale, what I need Is laughter, humor, joy, happiness. They say sleep and laughter are the best medication for anything. Considering sleep doesn’t come so easily, I’d go with laughter.

I did a thorough search through my images and found a picture I hope would put a smile on your faces too. Bad things happen, bad things are happening and the sad part is bad things ‘will’ happen. Hopefully this picture (s) would put a smile on your faces too. And if the first picture doesn’t, there are two more which I hope would do the trick. 😉



Is it working? Smiling yet? 🙂


Btw, I apologize for the length. And I hope you are all smiling now :). Wishing you all a laughter filled weekend.


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