The man I couldn’t keep-

The man I couldn’t keep-


It started with a joke
And you laughed,
It wasn’t funny
Still you Laughed,
And I knew
I had got you,
You were mine to keep,
Our children
Would carry your genes.
Our children…
I sigh,
How I envisioned a future
I had little control over,
But you knew.
Oh you knew
Of the finite time in your sand-clock,
Grain by grain..
But I had told daddy about you-
About the man with
Cerulean eyes,
And deep set brows,
About the man who drove at a snail’s
About the man who’d father his
About the man who
Worshipped his Lord
Five times
Five unfailing times daily,
About the man I thought I could keep
Till the sun rose from the west
Till the trumpet blew
Till I am buried under deep…
I had told daddy all about you.

But the abnormal cells won
Here we are-
I joke,
No one to laugh.
I Stand
You’re buried under deep
Reality seems like a nightmare
But I pray
I pray to the Lord you worship
The man I thought I could keep
Is at peace.

The above image is courtesy of Pinterest

32 thoughts on “The man I couldn’t keep-

  1. Be still my heart! This is once again a beautifully written poem! Tugging on the heart strings <3! I got a email sent to me about poetry contests, I really think you need to enter!! It is very nice cash prizes!

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