Flash Fiction: Snapped

Flash Fiction: Snapped


Miss Blanche was an OCD, pattern obsessed lovely neighbor. Each day, she got out at a certain time, washed, cleaned, shopped and my favorite- painted in the middle of her picturesque garden which I, as the only neighborhood kid then, was given the honor of an open invitation at all times.

She’d stand in her garden, wearing a pink top and black pant and work the magic of her paint brush onto the board. She didn’t talk much, which suited me fine because all my attention was on her work of art which always turned out spectacular. That was our life until twelve years back.

I awoke one morning to find a yellow tape around Miss blanche’s house. She had been charged with first degree murder of her husband, following 62 stab wounds in their living room. I didn’t believe it until she pled guilty in court. That day I learnt something about humans, for a darling like Miss Blanche to snap, Lord only knows what goes on in married homes.

word count: 170. This post is in response to flash fiction for aspiring writers photo prompt challenge. This week’s photo prompt was provided by Graham Lawrenece, Thank you! If you would like to participate or read other flash fiction stories, just click on the link above.

23 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Snapped

  1. How sad that a young child had to experience that but she/he is a wise child to realize that she had to have been pushed past her limit to do such a thing. Wonderful story Ameena! I noticed you have not linked to the InLinkz grid, do you need for me to do that for you? Thank you, as always, for participating in FFfAW challenge!

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    1. Thank you PJ, I completely forgot. I got carried away reading other stories :D, I’ve just added it to the linkup now. I wanted to display the child’s innocence in that, he doesn’t believe Miss Blanche is capable of reasonless murder.

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  2. Wow! That was a complete surprise. Sometimes you just don’t know what people are capable of…in art and in life situations. As in her case, getting ;pushed to your limit can be very deadly for some people.Enjoyed your story. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. It’s an interesting thing to see what or why a person is pushed past their limit of self control. I think you lead up to and describe it wonderfully. It really does make you wonder what went on between them.

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  4. It’s a fact that we never know someone – or what their life is like – on casual acquaintance. The old saying about what goes on behind closed doors is so true. I can only think that Miss Blanche had had as much as she could take of her husband, for whatever reason. You brought this out very well in your great story. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thank you very much Millie. I personally know a fair number of people who are Lords to the Public but devils in their homes and their brute are known and bore by their wives. I wanted to reflect a bit of it here.

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  5. A meaningful story with a lot to say. These situations are not unusual. What Miss Blanche did was definitely not an outcome of a one day tiff. When one cannot escape years of agony, it is then that people take their own life or that of the torturer.

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    1. Sadly they aren’t. Rightly said, it was Mr Blanche’s unlucky day that Mrs had gotten fed up and hence snapped even tho it doesn’t justify the multiple stabs, I wanted it to reflect a story much deeper. โ˜บ


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