All you ever did-

All you ever did-


You watched her put out,
The light in my eyes;
You stared as the darkness,
Consumed my mind;
Not a sound
Not a word
Oh what a man you were!
Rooted in one spot.
You saw me burn.

She spat out venom,
In the form of words,
Cruel to the backbone-
You never utter a word.
I shrank in size
Wilted inside
Unfazed you watched your,
Little girl come undone.

She owed me no pleasure,
We weren’t blood;
But you my father,
You owe me the world.
Her words they stung;
Your silence even more;
Blood’s thicker than water,
You proved-
Was naught but words.

P.S:  The father- daughter relationship in this poem is solely to depict the depth of hurt. A family is supposed to hold the strongest ties, there are some people in our lives though not blood relations, they become family to us. And when those people betray us, the hurt runs deep like that of blood. Just thought I should clear the air that although the poem is personal, I’m not referring to my father here. 🙂