Her: The intricate puzzle

Her: The intricate puzzle


She had never been whole. She was a collage of uniquely designed pieces. With each person she trusted, she gave a piece. With each one she loved, she gave a piece. They never really knew her, only the pieces she let them see.

Some were handed a glimpse of her childhood, stories of her pranks; some her laughter, the events which made her smile; a few, her passions- the pieces which lit her eyes; a minute, she gave her sorrows, the memories that tug at her heart.

And some, she swore to take her grave, the pieces no one knew she had. The dark patches, the mystery behind who she was. She thought it a burden to lay it on people; she could barley handle it, how could they. Those pieces she kept close to her.

Those dark pieces, were the borders of the intricately designed puzzle of “her” without which she could never really be figured.

And she smiled knowing, although soon enough, the abnormal cells within her would win, the pieces she left with the ones she loved would illuminate her memories. She gave them the light she needed them to see.

Each person a different piece, a different memory, a different reflection of history, a different light. She was a uniquely designed puzzle.

IMAGE CREDIT: Gallerygogopix.net