Flash Fiction: Regained Freedom

Flash Fiction: Regained Freedom


A loud rumbling sound followed by lighting, cracked across the sky. A few years ago, Laurie would have shivered at the sound and under no circumstances, laid a foot outside of her home. Today, as the cab trailed across the wet gravel roads, she sat unfazed. Living with a human who turns you into a punching bag tends to do that to a person.

For a moment, her vision was completely clouded- a mixture of the streaming drops on the widow pane and the water pool in her eyes. A flicker of doubt crossed her mind; one feel at the bandages wrapped around her knuckles was enough to remind her she made the right decision. The broken jaw she left him with was little solace, but she had had enough.

Throwing her head back on the head-rest, Laurie decided she’d wasted enough years on the fool to add another minute. She steered her thoughts to more important topics, like, choosing a flavor of ice cream to celebrate her regained freedom.

word count: 170 words. This story is in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge. Thank you Priceless Joy for this week’s creative picture. Click on the highlighted link above to participate or to simply read some amazing flash fictions, the more the merrier.