Quote- Sylvia Plath

Quote- Sylvia Plath


      The sight of this quote makes me want to scream “Preach Sister”. That’s the beauty of writing, with every experience, there is a good that can come out of it, if we choose to see it. How many musicians do we know that have won grammys all thanks to songs inspired through heartbreaks? Lots of them. The best stories are often those spurred by tragic emotions. And the best poems are often those which we connect to on an emotional level.
        It hurts… being broken hurts. And that’s why we need quotes like that of Silvias’ to remind us that “its okay to be broken”, who knows, maybe that would be the muse behind a behind a best selling novel. I am a believer, and i believe that for as long as we can write and we can read, then we sure are undefeated. I can’t end this post without giving a little background on Sylvia Plath, so here goes:
        Sylvia is mostly known as a confessional poet, but she is also a novelist. Born on the 27th of October 1932, Sylvia had to deal with death at an early age after her father passed away when she was eight years old. Despite that, plath pushed forward and excelled academically in college. During this time, Sylvia battled with depression and in late August 1953, attemped her first suicide. She had a six month care at a psychiatric facility following the attempt , and then resumed back to college.
          Over the years, Sylvia got married, had two kids and then separated from her husband, Ted Hughes, also a writer.  Sylvia Plath passed away on February 11, 1960 at the young age of thirty in her kitchen flat and her death was ruled as a suicide. During her life time, Sylvia published several poetry collections. The most popular of which are The collosal and other poems and Ariel. She also published an auto-biographical novel, the bell jar. For more information about Sylvia, here is a link.

Thanks for hanging out here for this week’s writers quote Wednesday hosted by Silver Threading which you should totally check out for mor inspiring quotes. I apologize for the late post, my network isn’t at it’s best these past few days. Till next time ❤



12 thoughts on “Quote- Sylvia Plath

  1. Some of the best artists are those who have and are suffering greatly in their lives. Art has been a well-known therapy to get through the darkest moments, but most of the time it is not enough.

    Thank you for sharing this, kaygee!

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  2. Silvia Plath is a poet I’ve really intended to explore and I’ve bought Ariel but I guess she’s still on the to-do list.
    What concerns me about this brokenness is that it reaches right to the core and so many creatives in the end succumb to suicide because the pain is just too intense. Singers, poets, artists, writers..the brokenness exacts the ultimate price.
    That said, I can remember times in my twenties where all of that could become a bit intoxicating after one broken heart too many. I think my writing helped me get through those times and had a rather cathartic effect. I am guessing a bit here but I’m thinking that the more intense the poem, the greater its healing power. Does that ring bells?
    Great post and you really had me thinking. xx Rowena

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    1. I also haven’t read much of her works yet, but the few i’ve cone across, i love them. Thank you so much Rowee for your beautiful and kind words always.
      I’m glad, this post got me thinking as well and re-affirmed what i’ve always known, writing is a way our.
      Thank you 😃

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