Writer’s Quote: Rupi Kaur

Writer’s Quote: Rupi Kaur


Let’s take the above quote from the perspective of a writer, it would go something like this:
What’s the greatest thing a writer should learn? That since day one, they already have everything they need within themselves. It’s the world that convinced them they did not.

There are Certain people who’s sole aim in life is to diminish others spirit; to crush them and break their dreams. Yes, these people do exist and whenever we look to them for validation, we’re simply making their job or rather hobby, easier.
The point is, we shouldn’t need validation from anyone in order to chase our dreams. We shouldn’t wait for someone to read our stories and tell us, “this is going to be a best seller” before we actually believe and go ahead and publish it.

If we survive on people’s flattery, then we will die from their criticism and writers should not be like that, we are better than that. We are a group of people gifted with the talent of spurring emotions into words, of turning sorrows into humor, of creating a reality otherwise deemed surreal. We are the people who with simply a pen and a paper create a world, others can barely dream of.

We cannot expect the world to believe in us if we do not believe in ourselves. There is a saying- believe you can and you will. For anyone reading this, I want you to know that you have everything you need within yourself, don’t let the world convince you otherwise.

This is my submission to Writer’s Quote Wednesday (for which I am super late).