Of a broken heart…

Of a broken heart…


And she wondered how one heals, from a broken heart. What if the pieces flutter to a far away land? What if the holes burnt deep, fibrous and scar? What If the saying was right, love lost can’t be back? Under the glistening moon, her reflection stared back. And the memories storm bringing moist to her eyes. And she cursed at herself for falling for a man, whose heart was incapable of loving back.

And she wondered how one heals from a broken heart? How a one sided love could make one feel alive? How a person could crush her without even trying? How she broke all her rules falling for that one wrong guy? How reality could be, so cruel to her side? How she knew but didn’t say No the very first time? How she let her heart lead her straight to it’s down fall? How all shades of wrong could feel so right at the same time?

The face in the river, she didn’t recognize. She yearned for the innocence of her past life; where love was a stranger and her heart was intact; life dealt her a blow from which she still shuddered. She fell for an angel, in the blink of an eye; forgetting every coin has got two sides. Now she sits at the bank wondering, how to heal from a broken heart.

IMAGE CREDIT: deviantArt.com

22 thoughts on “Of a broken heart…

  1. can sense the pain in your words, May Allah lessen the pain of suffering hearts, Have you read the famous quotation from Rumi, ‘The wound is the place where the Light enters you’ so maybe it was meant from Allah to make broken hearts more wise .

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  2. So beautiful and heart-breaking:( There are many times we would love to go back in time and change our decisions so we wouldn’t feel the pain that we often think could have been avoided. But you put it so well when you said, “where love was a stranger”. If we take away that experience, would we be able to define what love should really look like?

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    1. Thats a wonderful question you posed in the end. Actually, I dont think we would be able. How would we define love when we don’t even know what it is. Thank you for your u’re thoughts Nena.

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