I’ve never been the kind of girl,
Who hid her face;
Always tried to show the world,
I got what it takes;
Didn’t realize the toll it took,
The stress I was going through;
Till it reached a breaking point,
I was getting loose…

All the knots, all the bolts;
Coming down, I’m losing control;
The stage that I- Considered home,
Left a dent, I didn’t know.
Down and down it spiraled on,
Still I smile to show the world;
They say the show must still go on,
A hidden face won’t do the work.

Most not all of the world is blind,
Some deciphered I wasn’t fine;
All the applause- which pushed me on,
Slowly faded with who I was;
I had to find the girl I knew ,
Before the stage, led to my doom.
The missing piece of the puzzle- me
It wasn’t easy rediscovering it…

And now we have a girl,
A puzzle piece complete;
Not afraid to show the world,
Her vulnerability;
It’s been a roller-coaster ride,
Living in a spotlight;
But now I’ve found the girl i am-
There’s no going back