The Maiden-

The Maiden-


You want to hear a story-
Well, once upon a time;
There lived a dark haired maiden,
With skin a caramel brown;
Her eyes- a lighter shade of grey,
Which shone blue under light.

This maiden had a family,
Three sisters and a dad;
Her mother passed away long since,
Their father rarely around;
she had to work and strive from dawn,
To keep the chimney alight;
But with a smile she strove each day-
Her siblings could sleep at night.

Now where’s the twist in the drama?
I hear you eagerly ask;
Well here’s the interesting part,
I’d share with you at last-
This maiden worked her hats off,
Keeping her siblings alive;
Till they grew up, and schooled now too-
And married off in grand.

But live alone the maiden did,
Amidst the neighbors prying;
Ignoring words, most not too nice-
She still didn’t settle down;
Some thought that she must be insane,
To let such beauty die;
They couldn’t see that she was happy,
Living a life on her terms.

But people always need reason,
If things aren’t their way;
And Kept on forcing the maiden’s hand-
Till she admitted, she was insane;
And now when travellers wonder why,
Such beauty is not engaged;
The towners cooly answer on –
Oh, that maiden, she’s insane.