Flash Fiction: The Escape?

Flash Fiction: The Escape?


Peering out her room window, Ella’s heart raced faster as she noticed a silver camaro parked at the left end of her building. In a few minutes, the calm that enveloped Main Street books apartment would be disrupted and all because of her. She felt a lump rise in her throat at that thought.

Ella grabbed a bubble gum, unwrapped and chewed on it in order to dissuade her attention from the drama she was about to unleash. But what did they expect? That she’d go quietly with a marriage that she was uncomfortable with?

Since the passage of her parents, Ella feared Nana thought she was a burden but never did she think Nana would dash her off without her consent. There was only two weeks left and…

The sound of a horn catapulted Ella from her thoughts. The time for her freedom had arrived. The question on her mind wasn’t should she? But rather, could she? Could she runaway, escape?

This is my Submission to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers. Word count: 162 words. To participate, just click on the link and it’ll take you there. 🙂