The girl with the black veil-

The girl with the black veil-


Yes she will smile and,
Yes she’ll say thank you;
But only when needed,
And that’s all she uttered.

Yes she would walk and,
Go into classrooms;
But thats all she went to,
And only when needed,

She walked with her head high,
Her blue eyes looked downcast;
A black veil her trademark,
We named her dark widow.

But no one, yes no one
Even once tried to get her,
To open the world, we all
Knew she held within her.

Her frail body floated,
Under layers of clothing,
The nickname travelled fast
But she walked on unbothered,

Until the day she didn’t,
The girl with the black veil,
The news came as a shock,
Our dark widow had passed on.

We found out the reason,
She hid behind a black veil,
Leukaemia- they called it,
Her cells were killing her.

We prayed for Azmeena,
We wept for her departure,
She fought all alone,
And we did nothing to help her.

This is something I wrote as a free-write literally now, Just to keep the muse going. If you are not a fan of rhyming, feel free to ignore this. 🙂

the above image Is courtesy of  Emaho




I’ve never been the kind of girl,
Who hid her face;
Always tried to show the world,
I got what it takes;
Didn’t realize the toll it took,
The stress I was going through;
Till it reached a breaking point,
I was getting loose…

All the knots, all the bolts;
Coming down, I’m losing control;
The stage that I- Considered home,
Left a dent, I didn’t know.
Down and down it spiraled on,
Still I smile to show the world;
They say the show must still go on,
A hidden face won’t do the work.

Most not all of the world is blind,
Some deciphered I wasn’t fine;
All the applause- which pushed me on,
Slowly faded with who I was;
I had to find the girl I knew ,
Before the stage, led to my doom.
The missing piece of the puzzle- me
It wasn’t easy rediscovering it…

And now we have a girl,
A puzzle piece complete;
Not afraid to show the world,
Her vulnerability;
It’s been a roller-coaster ride,
Living in a spotlight;
But now I’ve found the girl i am-
There’s no going back