For Neerja,

Their world was in flames,
An atmosphere- chaotic;
She marched to her own beats,
The sole voice of reason;
Dousing the flames,
At the cost of her own skin;
Engulfed by the embers,
So the children could be free.

Not all heroes wear capes,
Fancy attires,
With a wide fan base;
Some are disguised,
under apparent labels-

The above poem was inspired by “Neerja Bhanot”, a name familar to most indians. She was a pursuer for Pan Am flight, and lost her life while helping passengers escape the plane after it was hijacked.

26 thoughts on “Neerja-

  1. Most heroes are silent, they would help and disappear leaving you to wonder who, what or why. I have had those heroes and most times when you try to track them down, they just rather you go ahead in life and help others. Cheers to the silent heroes!

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      1. There is a saying here “The giver always gets.” It is so true! The personal reward for helping another, and with no motive other than to simply help, is priceless. It is sad that more people don’t try it. They would never regret it. πŸ™‚

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