If only she knew-

If only she knew-

She wasn’t pretty,
Or dainty or cool;
Hair wasn’t blonde,
Or brunette just a nude;
Walked with the world,
On the sole of her feet;
Lived an outsider,
A rebel- so deemed.
But she was a beauty,
If only she knew;
Her smile- radiant as
The sun at its peak;
Her cerulean eyes
Could defeat the sea’s;
Donning all black she
Was it’s irony.

She wasn’t pretty,
Or dainty or cool;
Had eyes which hinted-
Sorrow buried deep.
Shuddered at slight touch-
Defense mechanism;
Always in trouble-
Had no zeal to live;
If only she knew-
What she meant to me;
She was the universe,
And it’s galaxies.
She hid the truth from,
The rest of the world;
And I pretended,
She wasn’t my world;
On we continued,
She lived for no one;
But she was my reason,
To live just once more-
If only she knew.

image credit:Β Mitty dawn- pinterest

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