F- For my people

F- For my people


The ground trembles
As one, after another
Drops in succession,
While the night is enveloped
By darkness,
And the residents,
By a false sense of security
Night is for sleep.
The ground trembles,
And many do not awaken.

Many do not awaken-
The sky turns hazy,
It’s smoky, choky
The kids are crawling,
Crawling towards an escape
There is no escape-
The ground is trembling,
The atmosphere hazy,
Death is overtaking,
While the world is asleep.

In line with my blogging friends Jade (an elegy for them) and Maria (emc2) who have each written a beautiful tribute to the people of Syria who have been victims of a cowardly chemical attack. I consider the people of Syria as my family. My sisters and brothers. And we as writers will keep on writing about their plight and the atrocities against them until the day peace resides once again and we won’t have to.

The beautiful Syrian sunset above was taken by Debra Ellis 

23 thoughts on “F- For my people

  1. Like you, I too am bleeding for Syria as I do consider them not just my people but fellow humans and it breaks my heart to see the latest insanity happening there.

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  2. Ah… I echo your very thoughts, Ameena. This is such a heartfelt write. And yes, we will keep on writing until peace resides once again and we won’t have to use our pens. ❤


  3. Wow, love this on every level. How cool to read your comment and see, in you, a kindred spirit. War is evil and should be stopped but not from a position of weakness. How weak minded people use anti-quated weapons when they’re losing ground. Let’s stop the madness any way we can.

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