E- Embracing me

E- Embracing me


I refuse, to
hide myself behind,
a self made wall of
An image of, satin
gowns on empty barrels,
Whose only action is
To agree without question.
To say yes in conformity,
And say no with the majority.

I refuse to,
Betray the brain matter
I have been created with.
A complex organ of sulci
And gyri,
An organ of comprehension,
Not repetition.

I refuse, to be
a machine of pants
And suits,
to betray my femininity,
and mould into,
What they think
Is best for me-

I choose to wear satin gowns,
with myopic glasses,
A functioning brain matter-
I choose to think.

This is a scheduled post. I travelled and wont be able to get back on until after I am settled. Take care and happy reading.