Sorry’s not Enough-

Sorry’s not Enough-


I used to think all one had to say was “sorry” when I was wronged.
Sorry, I broke your toy.
Sorry, I stole your note.
Sorry, I yelled at you
Sorry, I grabbed you grimly
Sorry, sorry, sorry… And all would be well in the world.

I didn’t realize, “Sorry” was not a broken record to replayed over and over. It was a testament, a promise saying, “I feel awful for doing that to you and even though I can’t promise I won’t do it again, I vow to do everything within my power to avoid doing it”.
“Sorry”, wasn’t simply accepting you did wrong, it was supposed to mean you were willing to change as well.

It took you saying-
Sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you” over and over like a broken record for the reality of it to click on me. You weren’t sorry. You never were. For you, “Sorry” was nothing more than a five letter word to be stringed at the end of every sentence.

I am Sorry, it took so long for me to realize this.
                           -Sincerely, someone who values the meaning of the word.

26 thoughts on “Sorry’s not Enough-

  1. I liked your post! For some people, people just say sorry for the sake of saying it or because they caught! It must said, understood and done sincerely for “sorry” to truly have meaning.

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  2. Heartfelt and painful, but very true. I think there are many people out there who find sorry easy to say and think that resolves everything, but like the quote says, saying sorry and being sorry are not the same sorry.
    As for your narrator, better late than never.

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      1. I’m doing well, thank you for asking Ameena! Been toiling away at the Word High July blogging event that Maria and Rosema are hosting. And how are you :)?


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