A gem amidst rubles-

A gem amidst rubles-


My respect for you
Has doubled and tripled;
When all doors are closing,
Your feet are unhindered;
Though unappreciated,
By those at the table;
You still keep on pushing,
Striving and fighting-
For peace to prevail,
In a now broken palace;
For girls to be brought back,
Though hope is now faltered;

I respect you Dear Ma,
For efforts unwavered;
For keeping your words,
When the leaders are faltering;
For staying afloat,
With the waves all about you ;
Words aren’t enough for
Effort you’ve been putting-
To finding the girls
Neglected by the elders;
But words all I have,
And I give them to you Ma-
In respect and love,
And wishes that you prosper
Keep staying afloat-
A rare gem amidst rubles.

This poem is dedicated to Mrs Oby Ezekwesili, one of the few Nigerians who till date are still struggling an airing their voices, striving and urging for the return of over 200 school girls kidnapped  more than 8 months ago. Words are all I have, and this only way I know how.

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