There are mornings
When my spirit is filled
With the songs of the
Mockingbirds… singing
Alive… in tune…
and i I am up for laughter,
There are mornings
When one word answers
Are all I can muster-
Bye… but I really dont mean
Bye, more like an
I’m sorry it feels like the weight of the world is heavy upon my shoulders”;
It feels that way, and I want to unburden and say something nice, but I cant”.

Please understand,
I am still trying to get
My bearings and navigate
Both mornings.
I am still trying to understand me.

17 thoughts on “Apology-

  1. I didn’t start to understand me until I was in my early/mid 20’s. I did not fully understand me until my 40’s. Could be you’re further ahead than you would suggest in this Post? My Post tomorrow may be of interest.

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  2. This was exactly what I needed to read now. Thank you. This is me.
    Every time I come here for peace of mind cuz I’m fed up with the real world, I do find what I need. Right at that moment. ♥ Thank you Ameena.


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