A brief Update-

A brief Update-


I know I haven’t been active on WP this past week. I haven’t posted and haven’t been able to read your posts as well. It should have been a busy week for me with hospital rotations Monday through Thursday, but I have missed two out of those four days.

Turns out my body needed a break and that’s what I did. I haven’t been on here not because I have been too busy, rather, I just needed to rejuvenate and get back to school and blogging with a fresh state of mind.

I really don’t have the words to describe how amazing it feels to check up after not posting and still see views and likes and comments and even follows. I mean, people actually check out this blog and read it?! It put a smile on my face. That’s actually what I wanted to say, simply, Thank You for still being here after all these time.

I’d be switching off the comment notification on this post because it wouldn’t be fair not to reply immediately and I am already way behind on replying my comments.