A time will come-

A time will come-

A time will come
When this feeling will pass.
Dawn will give way to day,
And the thought won’t cross your mind 
It’s an inevitability,
That ship will sail eventually
Leaving no trail behind,
And you’d wonder,
When your head grazes with the pillow at night,
What was I thinking?

A time will come-
But I’m afraid,
It may not be today, or tomorrow
Or even the day after. 
So for now,
All you’ve got to do is-
Breathe, live (even when you don’t feel like it).
Grieve in your own way
For no matter how long the night is
Dawn always gives way to day…

The above image is courtesy of Pixabay.com

20 thoughts on “A time will come-

  1. Beautiful poem Ameena. How fortunate we are to have another Dawn to look forward to. To know that “there will come a time,” but we just go day by day, as best as we can until then.

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